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    Uma.Tech and G-Core Labs provides uninterrupted live streaming of the 2020 Champions League Final

    The united content delivery network of Uma.Tech, a leading system integrator and operator of IT infrastructure, and G-Core Labs, an international provider of cloud and edge solutions, ensured uninterrupted online broadcasting of the 2020 Champions League.

    This included the final of the prestigious competition, in which Bayern met PSG. During the final match of the tournament, which was broadcast online on the sports TV channel Match TV and Sportbox (the Gazprom-Media holding) portals, the combined capacities withstood record traffic peaks.

    Uma.Tech regularly opens new points of presence for its network infrastructure, adheres to an open policy in choosing transit operators, and develops peer-to-peer partnerships. According to Petr Vinogradov, Uma.Tech CTO, with the growing number of media projects and viewers of online broadcasting, Gazprom-Media and Uma.Tech face the need to significantly increase the capacity of the content delivery network both on the domestic market and on the foreign markets, because more than three dozen channels, radio stations and portals of the holding are watched, listened to and read by people around the world.

    “That is why, since 2018, we have been developing a partnership with G-Core Labs, who have a high-performance content delivery network not only in Eastern Europe, but also in all countries and regions of the world that are important to us. By combining our technological capabilities, we effectively distribute even the most serious loads. As a rule, we face such loads during key football events (World Cup, Champions League, Europa League finals) and some major premieres of films and TV series,” says the Uma.Tech CTO.

    Аndre Reitenbach, G-Core Labs managing director, adds: “We are happy to help the Gazprom-Media holding and Uma.Tech in their work on the most ambitious and responsible broadcasting projects. The G-Core Labs network infrastructure holds a Guinness World Record and has more than 100 points of presence located in 65 cities on all continents. Our network is present in the USA, Canada, CIS, UK, France, Germany, Italy, India, China, Brazil, Argentina, Australia, South Africa, and many other countries.”

    The G-Core Labs content delivery network is ready for any peak loads and, according to Citrix, an independent CDN performance monitoring and optimization system, is one of the best networks in Europe & the CIS in terms bandwidth, response time and file upload time.

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