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    Up, up and away: the opportunities of the telecoms cloud market revealed

    Sham Ambhore, part of the media team at Research Nester takes a look at the growing telecom cloud market and wonders how AI, ML and 5G combine to create new services and new opportunities

    With the widespread expansion of the telecom sector, tech geeks are infusing services with advanced features. Various voice service providers are adopting ultra-modern methods to keep pace with rapid digitalisation. Various market players are providing telecom cloud solutions to transform service edge with the use of a distributed cloud model on a secure and trusted network.

    A telecom cloud is a resilient infrastructure that allows service providers to add services faster and manage decentralised sources more efficiently. Various companies are embracing telco cloud to render greater value for the customer. The telecom cloud delivers unprecedented opportunities to transform service edge. Some of the benefits of using the telecom cloud include:

    • Consistent and horizontal infrastructure
    • Intent-based service assurance
    • Accelerated performance and scale
    • Automated lifecycle management
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    Telecom cloud market analysis

    The telecom cloud market size is projected to reach almost $50bn by the end of 2024. The market is anticipated to gather almost $107bn by the end of year 2030, flourishing at a CAGR of 17% during the forecasted period.

    The surge in digitalisation is prompting various companies to refurbish operational avenues to decrease their expenses and increase the rate of operation. Various businesses are incorporating cloud-based services and technologies to support their essential business operations, migrate workloads to the clouds and prevent network latency.

    AI, ML and 5G

    Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) technologies are resulting in the growth of various hosting services. It has been estimated that almost 50.1% of the companies are planning to incorporate AI technologies by the end of year 2024. In order to respond to the altering market circumstances and boosting the performance, market players are adopting cloud platforms.

    Furthermore, with the growth of 5G, there is a high chance that cyber-attacks will be attempted at an alarming rate. In the year 2022, almost 236 million ransomware attacks occurred globally at the beginning of 2022. It would become extremely critical for governments and entrepreneurs across the globe to ensure cybersecurity.

    In order to enhance the value of the product, various cloud vendors are joining with security suppliers. For instance, in the year 2029, Google Cloud joined hands with Fortinet to render cloud security to telecom corporations.

    The surge in the adoption of the 5G technology, various telecom businesses are considering cloud migration as an optimum solution. The 5G is becoming cloud-native from the beginning, plenty of telecom operators are trying to migrate to the public cloud for applications based on the test container.

    Other than this, the rise of cloud-native in the telecommunication industry is also propelling the market growth during the forecasted period. Various companies are largely investing in understanding the technology thoroughly and its applications in the sector.

    More cybersecurity risks

    However, the expansion of the cloud in the sector might raise the risk of cybersecurity. The increasing threats are anticipated to act as a hindrance to the market growth.

    The North America region is expected to gain significant revenue share during the forecasted period on the back of rapid growth in the adoption of 5G. Almost, 45.2% of all the US mobile connections use 5G technology in the United States.

    Numerous companies in North America are early adopters of next-generation technology such as big data analytics, the Internet of Things, connected businesses, additive manufacturing, and so on.

    Some of the key market players in the domain are IBM Corporation, VMware Inc, Telefonaktierbolaget LM Ericsson, Google LLC, Cisco Systems Inc, Amazon Web Services, Huawei Technologies Co Ltd, Microsoft Corporation, Oracle Corporation, and Deutsche Telekom.

    Wrapping up

    The above information illustrates that the market holds numerous opportunities for growth in the coming period. Moreover, market players are required to understand intricacies of the market to stay ahead of the competition. A comprehensive market research report gives information associated to the regional analysis, growth driving factors, market constraints, key players, etc. These factors help the market players to make prudent decisions for their business and carve themselves a niche. A sound knowledge of these important factors lead to long lasting success of the business.


    Sham Ambhore is part of the media team at Research Nester

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