Sunday, May 19, 2024

    Veoo acquires 12 companies in 16 countries across Latin America, Asia and Europe

    Veoo, a global mobile consultancy and leading provider of mobile messaging solutions, is delighted to announce that it has acquired the entities and country operations of InternetQ’s business in Singapore and its subsidiaries, as well as subsidiary companies of InternetQ in Latin America.

    The deal means that Veoo can now offer premium billing, mobile marketing and digital entertainment services through mobile network operators in sixteen different countries and it now owns twelve companies across the Far East, Latin America and Europe.

    InternetQ is a leading provider of mobile marketing and digital entertainment solutions for mobile network operators. A technology company, InternetQ provides mobile, social and app-driven marketing solutions that effectively leverage the massive adoption of connected devices. In recent years, InternetQ has experienced strong growth and performance, particularly in Latin America. 

    In a deal signed earlier this month, this saw Veoo acquire InternetQ’s business in countries and companies across Asia, Latin America and Europe including: Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, Argentina, Chile, Vietnam, Ecuador, Costa Rica, Mexico, Honduras, Nicaragua, Guatemala, Paraguay, Dominican Republic and Turkey. 

    Nicolas Chelo former InternetQ employee, who is now part of the new Veoo operations in Argentina commented: “We are very excited that Veoo is taking over the company. This will enable us to offer new services to our clients in the region and to drive the business forward. Senior management within Veoo have taken time to visit every operator in every country to understand how we function in region and to make sure that we are equipped with what we need to be successful moving forward.”

    An innovative company, Veoo is constantly exploring new avenues, products and services, tripling in size and turnover in the last year as a result, and is currently in the throes of ambitious plans to maintain this momentum by doubling its revenue in 2016. Earlier in the year, Veoo launched its new mobile wallet solution, which is set to revolutionise the world of mobile marketing, and has hired a number of senior heads in order to take the company forward and continue its global expansion.

    Matthew Winters, CEO of Veoo, comments: “This is a very exciting time for the company, as we expand into new territories and launch new products and services into the market. Asia Pac and Latin America present a huge market opportunity for Veoo. We have enjoyed a long established relationship with InternetQ, and as such, we know their premium billing and payments business inside out. Therefore, the transition will be seamless and we can leverage our mobile marketing and payments expertise to grow this business further.”

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