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    Veoo brings together loyalty, payments and marketing to give mobile wallets a make over

    Following hot on the heels of its plans to revolutionise loyalty schemes, mobile consultancy and SMS aggregator Veoo has rolled out a ‘mobile wallet enhancement’ that aims to bring together the best functionalist of mobile wallets and enhance them with loyalty and marketing opportunities to help brands see how powerful mobile actual is.

    The solution allows brands to create marketing material, coupons and offers that can be sent out as a simple URL that users then add to their wallets. The twist is that the coupon then lives in the wallet and can be updated as often and as many times as the brand or retailer wants.

    This effectively makes the coupon like a ‘living loyalty card’ that stays in the wallet and constantly spills out offers to the customer.

    And being in the wallet, it can use all the wallet notification tools to tell the customer that they have the offer when they are near or in the store helping overcome that loyalty card overload that many people experience, as well as being a way to drive footfall in to stores and other businesses.

    The service is being targeted at retailers and gambling companies, where the offers can be updated rapidly and can, depending on the how sophisticated the brand’s CRM system is, can be targeted to groups or even individuals.

    Key to the solution’s uptake will be how it allows consumers to save and organise offers and loyalty cards in a simplified way, while also arming marketers with trackable, updateable and location-aware content to help drive in-store visits, redemptions and ROI.

    Veoo’s VP of Corporate Sales, Gillian Hughes, explains: “The Veoo Mobile Wallet solution will be an absolute game changer for consumers and marketers alike. Thanks to mobile consumers today are more sophisticated than ever before and when they decide to engage with their favourite brands, they expect to be marketed to on their terms and want messages that are timely, personalised and relevant to them.”

    Hughes continues: “We envisage the Veoo Mobile Wallet solution becoming the platform of choice for the UK’s most recognisable brands to set up, launch and measure mobile wallet programmes, as our solution gives marketers a holistic, full suite of mobile wallet capabilities to help them capitalise on mobile’s fastest growing channel.”

    The Veoo Mobile Wallet solution enables marketers to create and design their own branded content, such as offers or loyalty cards, then distribute this content via a number of different channels, i.e. SMS, web, mobile ads and many more. The user then taps on the ad, which auto previews and allows them to instantly save the corresponding offer to their mobile wallet. Once saved by consumers, this branded offer becomes a dynamic and persistent presence in the mobile wallet and is infinitely updateable.

    As mobile wallet adoption continues to rise, ‘mobilised’ offers and coupons give brands and retailers the opportunity to grow their mobile customer relationships. Mobile wallets also add a new dynamic to existing mobile strategies, and offer marketers a powerful tool to drive and track in-store traffic and incremental sales.

    Veoo has developed this solution using technology from US mobile marketing leader, Vibes, which has partnered exclusively in Europe with Veoo. Vibes has seen the solution already achieve considerable success in the US, where it is being successfully used today by brands such as Honda, Chipotle, Gap and Old Navy to improve engagement with mobile users.

    Matthew Winters, CEO of Veoo, adds: “The Veoo Mobile Wallet solution not only provides a more streamlined and simplified way for consumers to organise offers and loyalty cards, ensuring that they never have to worry about forgetting to bring physical versions of this content in-store ever again, but it also provides marketers with trackable, updatable and location-aware content that is standardised by Apple and Google. These mobile wallets were built to help brands drive in-store visits, redemptions and ROI, and statistics suggest that the vast majority of customers say their opinion of a brand would improve if given opportunities to save offers and loyalty cards to Apple Wallet and Android Pay.”

    Winters continues: “Brands looking to maximise the mobile wallet potential need to ensure that they partner with an organisation that has both the technology and expertise. At Veoo, our goal is to help marketers unlock new revenue by arming them with the solutions they need to succeed in mobile marketing and the mobile wallet is central to that. We are in dialogue with some of the UK’s leading brands and we welcome dialogue with any retailer who thinks the Veoo Mobile Wallet solution would be a good fit for them.”

    The move marks the rapid expansion of Veoo into loyalty, marketing and other mobile dimensions, and follows the appointment of interaction and digital specialist Claire McLaughlin as business development director.

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