Tuesday, May 21, 2024

    Vietnamobile launches Mobile ID service, IPification, to ease authentication and fight fraud

    Vietnamobile is introducing a Mobile ID service into the country – the optimal authentication solution for all smartphone transactions, completely free for their subscribers.

    Instead of undergoing complicated and risky traditional authentication steps such as providing the phonenumber and authenticating via SMS OTP, customers only need to authorize Vietnamobile to generate theirMobileID. Vietnamobile will automatically authenticate the mobile phone and ensure its security.

    According to the US National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST), SMS authentication is not secureenough. Hackers can intercept SMS messages, and these tricks are so sophisticated that you won’t even know your messages have been stolen. NIST also warns that phone numbers registered on Facebook Messenger and Viber-style applications are likely to be hacked and reveal the authentication code on SMS. The alternative solution is to use two-layer security or use a security code from a token device, but this method is quite complicated and causes interruptions in the transaction, so most users find it very annoying.

    The Mobile ID service relies on IPification, the zero-tap compatible, passwordless mobile authentication, user verification, and fraud prevention solution. IPification verifies users against their unique mobile ID key madeup of phone number, SIM card and device data and authenticated via the IP address. Named the Most Innovative Mobile Authentication Solutions Company in the 2021 European Enterprise Awards, IPification mobile ID is expected to become the foundation of mobile authentication in the present and future.

    Ruchira Hewage, Vietnamobile Deputy Director for International Business said, “During the past three years, Vietnamobile subscribers’ online transaction volume grew 25% year on year. With this growth trend and demand, as Vietnamobile we take great responsibility in providing our subscribers with the most secure andconvenient platform for carrying out their online transactions. Vietnamobile’s Mobile ID security solution was made for the mobile reality when all online activities and transactions are done by customers onsmartphones. We want our customers to be able to enjoy the best solutions in security and safety, identity verification, payment, login and a seamless experience in using the services. It’s time for every Vietnameseconsumer to own a Vietnamobile SIM in order to carry out the most secure online and financial transactions.”

    “It’s with great pleasure that we announce our partnership with the innovative Vietnamobile that is the first company to bring IPification into Vietnam,” said Stefan Kostic, IPification CEO. “When the number of online activities of users globally is skyrocketing, we’re excited to onboard another user-centric partner and provide the most secure, yet seamless authentication, and transaction verification solution for their users.”

    The IPification Mobile ID is trusted by leading telecommunications, technology, payment and OTT companiessuch as Microsoft, GBG, DataZoo, 3HongKong, Axiata Digital. Currently, IPification reaches more than 550million devices in 18 markets globally.

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