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Virgin Mobile Kuwait outlines metaverse strategy as it builds relationships with Kuwaiti content creators


Virgin Mobile Kuwait has outlined its metaverse programme and its plans to collaborate with Kuwaiti content creators on platforms including The Sandbox.

The initiative is aimed at building digital literacy and capacity in Kuwait as the company cements its position as the market’s leading digital telco. In addition to The Sandbox, Virgin Mobile is collaborating with leading global digital content provider, Nonvoice, which based out of the United States. The two parties have signed a Memorandum of Understanding to bring the latest innovations to Kuwait and the wider Middle East region.

Virgin Mobile Kuwait is preparing to launch t in the coming weeks as the latest operation in the Virgin Mobile Middle East and Africa footprint, which already has successful telcos operating out of United Arab Emirates, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and Oman.

Virgin Mobile Kuwait’s Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Benoit Janin said encouraging the people of Kuwait to engage with the brand in the Metaverse was an exciting part of the company’s customer engagement strategy, providing the already digitally advanced market refreshing new services and experiences. “The metaverse offers enormous opportunities to accelerate digital skillsets such as computer programming, content creation, gaming and e-commerce,” Janin says.

“Kuwait is hot on global trends which is evident in its 2nd ranking in the world for Tik Tok penetration and 4th global ranking on Snapchat. “The country has a surging community of content creators and gamers and enjoys an App-convenient lifestyle for everything from entertainment to shopping, dining and banking.”

Nonvoice CEO Simon Buckingham said the collaboration was a great move for both Virgin Mobile Kuwait and Nonvoice which is ramping up its Metaverse services for the global telecommunications sector. “We see the Metaverse as a great fit for Virgin Mobile Kuwait which is focused on taking customers further on their digital journeys to explore new platforms and join online communities in Web 3.0,” Buckingham says.

Janin said Virgin Mobile Kuwait would always deliver on the digital needs and aspirations of the market and cater to the young, entrepreneurial and creative segments that were already embracing the Virgin way of being fresh, bold and fun. “This is fully in line with our ambition to become the leading digital telco in Kuwait and one of the most disruptive innovators within the GCC region.”

Virgin Mobile Kuwait is the first telco company in the world to position its brand in The Sandbox and is in discussions to expand its services in line with The Sandbox roadmap.

The collaboration with Nonvoice will see Virgin Mobile become the first telco in the world to roll-out its cutting-edge services that have been in development for the past six months.

Content creators, gamers and coders are encouraged to register with Virgin Mobile Kuwait’s “MetaTribeKW” Community to gain access to the services and a host of exclusive experiences, content and challenges.

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