Friday, April 19, 2024

    VIVA Bahrain enhances Google Play Direct Carrier Billing with Bango Platform

    VIVA Bahrain has successfully enhanced its Direct Carrier Billing in Google Play and augmented its online customer payment experience using the Bango Platform.

    Originally launched in 2016 through a direct connection, VIVA Bahrain’s Direct Billing service unlocks the online world of content by allowing customers to enjoy the ease and security of making Google Play purchases using their VIVA account. Award winning Bango Boost post-launch technology will now be applied to the route, providing VIVA Bahrain customers with an effortless payment experience.

    VIVA Bahrain is focused on providing customers with a superior service and growing the success of its app store carrier billing business. With Bango post-launch technology, VIVA now benefits from access to industry-wide comparative analysis and peer benchmarking that gives a unique perspective on sales performance and ensures the best payment experience for customers. Bango Boost defines targeted actions the operator can take to eliminate payment friction and actively increase the number of paying customers in app stores.

    “We are constantly on the lookout for new ways to optimize our mobile services and ensure they’re paced with our customers’ growing online needs,” says Karim Tabbouche, Chief Commercial Officer of VIVA Bahrain. “We are excited to adopt Bango technology which will allow us to build on the success of our existing app store carrier billing and provide our customers a frictionless payment experience.”  

    Bango CEO, Ray Anderson adds: “Having launched more app store carrier billing routes than anyone else, Bango seamlessly upgraded Google Play DCB for VIVA Bahrain to the Bango Platform. Bango tools and technologies streamline the upgrade process, ensuring no service disruption during migration so there are no failed payments or lost users. We will now apply our technology to this route to grow the business for VIVA Bahrain, Google and the many developers selling to VIVA Bahrain customers.”

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