Sunday, May 19, 2024

    Vodafone Portugal empowered to improve customer service 

    Vodafone Portugal has deployed Viavi’s NITRO GEO, a subscriber-centric, app-aware intelligence platform that delivers powerful insights into the customer experience while enabling Vodafone to handle data in a GDPR-compliant manner.

    Leveraging the rich analytics from the platform, the carrier has already demonstrated improvements in handling subscriber complaints.

    For mobile service providers, the continual challenges of minimizing subscriber churn and growing revenue have been compounded by increasing network and service complexity.

    Vodafone Portugal sought out automated solutions based on artificial intelligence. The main objectives were: to assure service quality for all subscribers based on geographic location, down to building-level accuracy, by speeding identification of root causes of service-impacting issues and reducing time to resolution.

    Taking a subscriber-centric approach, NITRO GEO captures, intelligently curates and analyzes all mobile events across the radio access network (RAN) and core, and correlates them by location and application, providing service providers with insight to optimise the customer experience.

    Automated intelligence enables context-driven workflows for faster troubleshooting, identifying parameters and related key performance indicators (KPIs) to quickly and efficiently uncover the root cause of service-specific issues.

    The platform provides analytics in near real-time, is agnostic to network technology or equipment vendor, and is GDPR-compliant.

    “VIAVI is privileged to have been selected by Vodafone for a critical and growing network intelligence initiative,” says Deepak Shahane, Vice President and General Manager, Service Enablement, VIAVI. “As our service provider customers continue to scale their 4G and 5G networks, they can no longer rely on the manual intervention as in the past to assure and optimize service delivery. We have evolved NITRO GEO to address this challenge, based on our unique experience in the lab, field and assurance phases of the network; our expertise in machine learning; and our two decades of leadership in network intelligence.”

    “NITRO GEO has already delivered significant value for Vodafone,” adds Pedro Santos, Head of Network Development, Vodafone Portugal. “We have been able to use the sophisticated and accurate analytics to identify problems underlying subscriber complaints and resolve them more quickly. VIAVI has been a strong partner throughout the process, including providing ongoing support to ensure we maximize the value of the platform.”

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