Saturday, April 20, 2024
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    Vonage video API helps Doctolib deliver free telehealth consultations during coronavirus crisis 

    Vonage, a global business cloud communications leader, has teamed up with Doctolib, a leading provider of consultation management software, to strengthen its commitment to healthcare professionals against the spread of COVID-19 with its telehealth service built on Vonage’s Video APIs.

    Sanche d’Abravanel, Patient Strategy Director at Doctolib, said: “Teleconsultations enable healthcare practitioners to treat patients at a distance, offering invaluable treatment and guidance while limiting the spread of COVID-19. We’re enabling around 100,000 video consultations every day, and a further 30,000 doctors will be self-onboarded in the coming days, so we expect the number of teleconsultations to soar. Vonage’s Video APIs solutions are providing us with the technology we need for video, so we can be reassured that the system will continue to operate even if the load increases enormously.”

    The Vonage API Platform offers custom, embedded programmable communications capabilities via APIs that enable applications and businesses to easily connect with customers via the channels they prefer – SMS, voice, chat, messaging and video. With open APIs that align to strict healthcare security and data management guidelines, Vonage APIs allow you to easily embed video into your apps to solve your unique problems in a secure and scalable way.

    Vonage has been a worldwide leader in webRTC video solutions since the webRTC standard was established in 2012. Featuring advanced security features such as encrypted media and recordings, and detailed analytics providing advanced insights into quality of service, Vonage’s Video API Platform enables healthcare providers to build custom video applications to unlock the power of telehealth capabilities for clients, helping them to deliver virtual medical and health services in real-time and make deeper and more meaningful connections with their patients.

    Doctolib, the fastest growing and largest ehealth start-up in Europe, has enabled all French doctors and patients, including its existing 3,500 subscribers, to use the video consultation capabilities built with Vonage’s Video APIs free of charge for the duration of the public health crisis. Doctolib is fully financing the installation, equipment and management of the service and could benefit more than 80,000 healthcare professionals. Each health professional has support of €350 each year by the CNAM (French National Health Insurance Fund), to encourage more teleconsultations.

    “With a long history as a leader in video, Vonage is powering the solutions of many of the world’s leading telehealth services including Doctolib,” says Omar Javaid, President, Vonage API Platform Group. “It’s vital for healthcare providers to be able to deliver a continuous, effective service when the unexpected happens, and adopting telehealth services means that those forced to self-isolate can access care from practitioners with thousands of miles between them, an important step to protecting other patients and healthcare professionals.”

    Vonage has released several new free solutions for healthcare providers that don’t currently have the ability to operate in remote environments in response to the COVID-19 health crisis. Find out more about Vonage’s current free offers and how its technology can help you deliver care remotely.

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