Wednesday, April 17, 2024
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    Want to know what consumers think of your brand? Get them to tell you with an image

    In a novel take on market research, Clic and Walk is aiming to get consumers to photograph brands real world collateral – point of sale displays, hotel lobbies, out door advertising etc – in return for money. The brands then get real time, real world views of how consumers perceive what they are doing.

    Members of the community – the so called ‘ClicWalkers’ – can earn up to £8 just for sending a photo via the Clic and Walk app. Users download the free Clic and Walk app on their iOS or Android device and are then sent on ‘missions’, for example to hotels or supermarkets, to take photos and/or write short reviews in real time.

    Each mission is carefully developed before it is sent out to the Clic and Walk community. By collating geo-localized photos and reviews from the community Clic and Walk instantaneously gathers meaningful information and analyses it. Clic and Walk makes the feedback available to its clients via its dedicated secure website.

    This enables brands and businesses to get a comprehensive overview of how consumers perceive their brand and how products are displayed at the point of sale on a regional and national scale. This invaluable data enables brands to quantify their ROI by accessing a comprehensive analysis of information in real-time.

    Clic and walk users are over 200,000 strong. This army of mobile market researchers gives real-time insights that firms want to know. Businesses are asking themselves: Are our lobbies welcoming enough? Are our products being displayed properly and our brand being displayed accurately? Is the most current material being used at point-of-sale locations, and how is it received by the consumer’s prospective.

    Clic and Walk is already working with international brands such as Coca-Cola, Suez Nord, Logitech, Sika, La Française des Jeux, L’Oréal, and Peugeot.

    Frédérique Grigolato, CEO of Clic and Walk: “Clic and Walk has experienced incredible growth with the participation of the largest community of consumers in Europe, and dozens of retailers and well-reputed brands. We are delighted that the company is expanding its growth outside of France and now has a presence in the United Kingdom and Germany.”

    Check out a video demo of Clic and Walk here

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