Saturday, May 18, 2024

    WEBINAR How to up conversions on mobile REGISTER FREE

    We all know that mobile is taking over desktop browsing but, when it comes to conversions, mobile is still falling behind.

    The fact that we are still required to use our credit/debit card details to pay for most of things on our mobile is not helping: according to a study we conducted in 2015, 46% of users would be more likely to purchase products or services on their mobile if they didn’t have to provide card/address details and could instead pay in two clicks.

    But fear not, with mGage PAY you could increase your bottom line by 52%!

    We invite you to join our webinar where we will be taking you through one of the fastest growing mobile payment methods globally that enables you to monetize digital content and services via the mobile phone bill.

    We already paved the way for 60 million mobile owners in the UK to pay quickly and card-free, so if you’re wondering what mGage can do for your business {{First Name}} , sign up now for our free webinar on 23rd March at 11.30am:

    Here’s what you will learn:

    – What is mGage PAY

    – Mobile payments overview in the UK

    – Why is this different from other payment methods

    – How can it help your business


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