Sunday, May 19, 2024

    WEBINAR World Telemedia 2018 – Harnessing the Power of Digital in the Physical World

    People love digital content because it’s convenient, instant and spontaneous. They love ‘real world’ content because it’s tactile, communal and raw. So how can brands deliver the best of both? This session tells the story of how US sports event organisers have harnessed digital tools to power:

    • Access, entry and ticketing
    • Payment and top ups
    • Dashboard of real-time account information
    • Exclusive content and special offers
      Nigel Tatlock ~ Director, SEE Engagement

    The Internet of Me: How Consumers Can Take Back Control of Their Data

    We live in a world of data sharing and every organisation wants our details. This causes problems of privacy/security and inefficiency. Changing or porting info from one place to another is complex when the data is in dozens of different silos. The IoM could be the solution – whereby control of personal data is returned to the individual [from enterprise]and they can update and share it with brands they trust… on their own terms. This short presentation describes the concept and the companies behind it.

    Tim Green ~ Associate Analyst, Juniper Research

    Session sponsored by SEE Engagement

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    Geraldine O'Sullivan
    Geraldine O'Sullivan
    Championing Mobile Billing & Engagement Solutions That Monetise Content, Drive In App Billing & Increase On-Boarding For mVAS
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