Tuesday, April 16, 2024
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    WeChat Mini Games brings a new era in gaming

    WeChat, one of the world’s most popular mobile apps and social networks, is coming to San Francisco on November 12 to hold the first ever WeChat Mini Game Developer Conference – a whole new genre of games that are likely to spread far and wide.

    With wide-ranging features covering social media, news, local services, entertainment, and more, WeChat has become a modern lifestyle for its over 1 billion monthly active users, while also boasting tremendous commercial value and potential for businesses and developers alike.

    Since the launch of WeChat Mini Games in December 2017, it has become a key platform for WeChat while attracting widespread attention and participation from developers. With WeChat’s immense user base to draw upon, WeChat Mini Games has helped developers achieve considerable commercial returns through in-game item purchases and advertising. However, the WeChat Mini Games platform has really just begun – there remains a huge amount of potential and room for growth.

    Additionally, WeChat has always worked hard to support developers on the technical side. WeChat constantly strives to make development easier as well as provide more freedom for creativity with new capabilities and API. WeChat Mini Games currently supports the industry’s common development engines. On top of this, WeChat has added over 30 capabilities built off of WeChat’s unique ecosystem such as friends rankings and versus matches, as well as over 200 APIs. As WeChat Mini Games pioneers a new era in gaming, WeChat will continue to encourage developers to enrich gameplay through the convenient, innovative open platform.

    The WeChat Mini Game Developer Conference can be seen as a formal invitation from WeChat to overseas developers to join the growing Mini Games ecosystem. Furthermore, the conference hints that the industry is about to welcome in a brand new opportunity. All developers are welcome to join and help build the Mini Games ecosystem!

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