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When to send your marketing for maximum results: study shows when consumers do and don’t shop on apps


Day of the week and time of day are crucial to selling things through apps and understanding when consumers are shopping verses browsing should be a key factor in how you use mobile marketing.

So finds the Poq Studio App Commerce Report, which collates data of retail traffic across Poq Studios app platform. It suggests that, while Sundays see a large amount of traffic on both iOS and Android apps, sales tend to happen on Fridays (iOS) and Saturday (Android). The study also found that Sunday is the peak day for “add to wishlish” clicks.

And within this, the time of day is also crucial. App browsing is lowest in the early hours of the morning, between 2am and 7am. It then spikes at noon, drops after 1pm, and picks up again slowly from 3pm. On average, browsing peaks at around 6pm, before gradually declining until the next day.

Likewise, people make the fewest purchases between 2am and 7am. Transactions start gradually picking up after 7am, peak again at 1pm, and hit their highest point between 8pm and 10pm.

On average, shoppers spent 4:40 minutes browsing their apps, and looked at an average of 11 app pages per time they browsed. But customers who ended up making purchases, spent 22:09 minutes shopping, and looked at an average of 29.39 pages per time they visited the app. That’s about 17 and a half minutes longer, and 2.6 times more pages.

So whilst shoppers who make purchases may also have started their shopping sessions during the peak app browsing times, they drop off much later than the customers who don’t make a purchase.

Sunday browsing traffic can be converted into sales through the use of promotions that are time-limited to specific hours on Sundays. A great way to execute these promotions is to set up special Sunday promotion product categories and schedule for them to become visible only for a few hours, says the Poq study.

Friday and Saturday shoppers can be incentivised to shop for longer through the use of newly added, app-exclusive content. To make shoppers aware of the new content, push notifications should be broadcasted. Alternatively, email communications should feature a section that deep links directly into that specific part of the app.


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