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    Which are better for crypto trading: Android or iOS Apps?

    Do you want to trade cryptocurrencies from your smartphone? Well, many people have asked which apps are best for crypto trading. If you are also searching for a clear answer to this, then read this post till the end.

    To be honest, most of the popular trading apps are available for both android and iOS users. However, the interface of some crypto trading apps may differ slightly. To choose which one is better, you can consider the following things with some examples to compare.

    Which is better Android or iOS Apps for Crypto Trading?

    To decide which apps are better, let us compare some top crypto trading apps for android and iOS.

    1. Stormgain

    This is one of the best crypto trading apps available both in Google play store for android and in the app store for iOS. The app provides a simple and easy to use interface, suitable for beginners. The interface is quite smooth and hassle-free while using the iOS app, but there are some features missing in it.

    The app provides some extra features in the android version. The app allows you to buy cryptocurrencies with a credit card. Some of the features are as follows:

    • The registration process is very faster.
    • It provides a demo account for practice.
    • The commission is less.
    • It offers price alerts.

    The only concern of the app is, it does not take deposits fiat currencies. Only cryptocurrency deposits are allowed. Overall, the android version of the app is better.

    1. Coinbase

    Coinbase is one of the most popular and largest cryptocurrency exchanges in the world. The exchange offers a number of features in its mobile app, both for android and iOS. In both the versions, you can add your bank account, debit card, and credit card for buying cryptocurrencies.


    The interface runs slightly smooth in the iOS version as compared to the android version. The app has many good features, such as:

    • You can instantly buy cryptocurrencies using your credit card in the app.
    • The app also provides insurance for bitcoin deposits.
    • Most of the popular crypto coins are supported.
    • It is the best crypto trading platform due to liquidity.
    • One of the most trusted.

    The only thing is that customer support can be improved. The iOS version is better than the android version of Coinbase.

    1. Robinhood

    This is one of the cheapest trading apps, which allows new investors to trade without paying any commission. However, the trading app does not provide full-service trading online. But this is not suitable for who wants to use all the trading features. The trading is similar both in android and iOS.

    However, you can use some extra features only in the premium version. So it offers the following basic features to traders.

    • The UI is simple and easy for beginners.
    • No minimum balance is required for signing up.
    • No commission for first-time
    • Crypto trading is easy for casual traders.
    • It also offers stock trading.

    The main concern of the app is not suitable for serious crypto traders. Secondly, the features offered for trading are limited. The iOS version of the trading app is better as compared to Android.

    1. KuCoin

    KuCoin is a leading global crypto exchange that has earned a good reputation. It allows you to buy crypto coins using a credit card. The UI is very simple and easy, even for beginners. The app offers real-time price chart with candlesticks.

    The app also helps you to manage your portfolio and provides many other features. This app is better in the android version because you do not get all the features for reading the charts in the iOS version. However, the UI is smooth to use in the iOS version.

    Final Thoughts

    By comparing the above crypto trading apps, it is clear that both are unique and better on their way. If you want a smooth and easy transition of the interface, then go for the iOS apps; otherwise, you can choose android apps.

    If you want to read more about bitcoins, then visit, which allows you a secure and free sign up for trading and investing. Please share your opinion on this in the comment sections.

    IMAGE: Andre Francois McKenzie/Unsplash From “Source: Coin Companion


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