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    … while BICS, Mobileum, Nextgen Clearing and Vodafone Roaming Services recognised as champion vendors

    Mobileum, BICS, Nextgen Clearing and Vodafone Roaming Services were assessed the number one vendors across multiple categories, with 13 other companies ranked as Champions, in the latest Vendor Hub research from leading roaming market intelligence firm Kaleido Intelligence.

    The Vendor Hub Q2 2020 research analysed more than 35 leading roaming vendors and wholesale providers. It includes an in-depth assessment of the service offerings and updated Kaleido Scores for all companies. Champion vendors received Kaleido Scores of over 11 out of a total of 15.

    Jon King, Chief Commercial Officer at Kaleido, explains: “Kaleido’s approach towards competitive analysis enables roaming vendors to showcase their strengths on an equal playing field and operators to view vendors with clarity and transparency. All vendors recognised as Champions deserve huge credit for their score, based on their product strengths and innovation.”

    The scoring methodology focused on categorising vendors according to their product leadership, identifying companies unique market positioning, problem-solving capabilities, innovation leadership and finally, how vendors are positioned to meet MNO/MVNO needs and requirements.

    The Number 1 and Champion vendors across key product segments as scored by Kaleido Intelligence are below.

    Strong performances across multiple product segments placed BICS, Comfone and Syniverse as the overall leaders in mobile roaming.

    Nitin Bhas, Strategy & Insights Lead at Kaleido, notes: “BICS is a market leader in mobile roaming services and remains at the forefront of roaming technology to provide the best costs and quality. Syniverse and Comfone were scored highly for their comprehensive portfolio of roaming services backed by a winning product leadership and strong technical capabilities.”

    The leadership scoring analysis for 37 roaming vendors is summarised in the Vendor Hub report along with an impartial assessment of company strengths and opportunities.

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