Tuesday, April 16, 2024
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    Why bespoke mobile apps are the future of online gambling

    Most gambling companies have now created a bespoke mobile app for their customers to use. Online gambling is on the rise, with mobile gaming a particularly fast-growing sector. In fact, the popularity of mobile gaming has increased by 60% in the past couple of years. The use of mobile apps might be the emerging trend, but is it here to stay?

    Here are the reasons why we think that mobile gaming is the future…

    Improved GPU and CPU capability

    One of the historic problems with mobile gaming has been the relatively poor performance from many mobile phones. Modern devices like the newer iPhone models are a different beast altogether though, and the increased graphic and computer processing capabilities means that many phone apps are capable of hosting games with high-powered graphics. As well as branded slot games, most apps host classic casino games like poker or roulette, as can been seen on a site like Paddy Power Roulette.


    As with any online transaction, customers of online gambling companies need to feel safe and secure in the knowledge that their money and their identity is safe. Luckily, many gambling firms have managed to tackle this issue head-on with their apps. Customers typically have an individual username and password/ pin number, with encryption technology used to protect the player.

    5G is on the way

    The main drive behind the mobile gaming boom has been the increased flexibility and ease of access for players. Gambling companies are now hosting players on the move, who might be riding the bus, or sitting in a pub, or on a park bench. All of the hypothetical people mentioned need the same thing – an internet connection. Playing a game online can be very frustrating with a poor connection, but the widespread use of 4G and the upcoming rollout of 5G will make the customer experience for mobile gaming players even more desirable in the coming months and years.

    Smartphones rule the world

    The world has completely changed since smartphones first emerged, and they are here to stay. Studies have suggested that the average person is on their phone for 3 hours and 15 minutes per day, with some users surpassing that figure by some margin. With potential players spending so much time on their phone, it makes sense that a well-made mobile app will find success in drawing customers in.

    Sports betting

    Most sports betting now caters to a live audience, with in-play betting on offer during the biggest sporting events. Mobile apps have the required connectivity to support the complicated calculations that offer players odds that are constantly fluctuating during sporting events. This live service is enticing to players and will continue to be popular.

    Bespoke gambling apps are reactive, safe, visually appealing and constantly improving. It is little wonder that players are flocking to play on their phones in their droves, and the continuing dominance of smartphones as a media platform is likely to mean that mobile gaming will continue its rise in the near future.

    Image: Pexels

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