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World Telemedia 2019 and its clients become the latest victim of a telephone scam


It happens to the best of us – even those of us that write about the telephone scam. Someone out there is making calls to our clients claiming to be ‘World Telemedia Management’ – this isn’t from the organisers and is a scam.

Thanks to the magic of T2’s excellent fraud monitoring and protection tools, World Telemedia’s organisers have been able to ID the telephone scam culprit. If you receive a telemarketing call from someone claiming to be World Telemedia Management, please ignore them and let us know.

The organisers stressed that there was no authorised reseller for World Telemedia accommodation and they have not been instructed to offer discounts to hotels in the area.

“We won’t be cold calling you and this isn’t us – so please ignore it and report it to us if it happens to you,” says show organiser Jarvis Todd. “We are identifying the telephone scam culprits and will be taking appropriate action in due course.”

In the meantime, book your attendance at the show and your hotel at your leisure. Hotel Booking forms and Event registration is at www.wtevent.co.uk/register.

Telephone scam crack down

The government attempted to crack down on this sort of thing back in 2016 – demanding that Direct marketing companies display their telephone numbers under plans Government has set out in the bid to tackle the scourge of nuisance calls.

Baroness Neville-Rolfe, Minister for data protection, said: “Being pestered by marketing calls is annoying at the best of times and at its worst it can bring real misery for the people on the receiving end. There is no simple solution to the problem of nuisance calls, but making direct marketing companies display their telephone number will help consumers and regulators take action.

“Companies are already being financially punished when they blatantly flout the rules, and mandatory caller ID is just another step we are taking as part of a closely coordinated effort with regulators, industry and consumer groups to tackle the problem.”


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