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    WORLD TELEMEDIA MARBELLA 2020 Call for speaker proposals, session sponsors and discussion topics

    Something to look forward to: World Telemedia Marbella 2020 is launching its call for papers, speakers and proposals.

    The World Telemedia 2020 conference programme presents a manifesto for the future development of DCB and VAS… So if you have vision, expertise, ideas and experience – this is your chance to be to part of our most comprehensive programme ever. We’d like to hear from you today – if you think you’ve got the answers to any of these three simple questions:

    • Which markets?
    • What products?
    • How to maximise ROI?  

    Don’t be shy – Our new structure includes a variety of thought leadership opportunities to suit your particular style including; targeted workshops, individual presentations, one to one interviews and panel discussions.

    So what is on offer so far?

    Covering the essential issues and will help create a robust commercial platform to secure existing business and gear up to capitalise on future commercial opportunities:

    CRM & The Cost of Complaints
    Customer Flows
    Refunds & Debt Recovery
    Regulation & Compliance
    Cyber Security & Fraud
    Performance Marketing Issues
    MNO & Affiliates
    Risk Management 

    Focussing on strategies for growth and analysis of which key verticals will respond best to the continued advances our industry is making with innovate mobile content, payment and engagement solutions:

    DCB & VAS Market Research / Data
    New Verticals
    VAS, Content & Apps
    Retail & E-Money
    Ticketing, Vouchers & Couponing
    5G & The Consumer
    Global Advertising  

    DAY 1 & 2 – 20+ COUNTRY UPDATES
    Hosted by an incumbent billing gateway, aggregator, SPs and/or network operator, these “quick-fire” sessions provide the local knowledge, expertise and commercial insights needed to enter our featured markets:

    Market Overview
    Latest News
    Top Services
    Major Content Providers

    Billing & Subscription Options
    Carrier & Regulator Rules
    Compliance Overview
    Marketing & Ad Flows

    World Telemedia has been at the very heart of international audiotext (IPRN) and these sessions bring together the key international networks and resellers to consider how this “evergreen” industry can be protected and developed for the years to come:

    New Markets for Voice
    Working with Wholesalers
    SMS Opportunities
    Good News – The Case Studies

    Cyber Security & Fighting Fraud
    Beating Hackers, Hijackers & FAS
    Legal Issues
    The Case For Crypto

    As major brands continue to serve an ever-growing consumer base that demands advance smartphone features, dating is clearly one of the most exciting verticals in mobile eco system. In partnership with the leading source of news, information and analysis – Global Dating Insights – this series of workshops bring together the key players from both sides to explore the implementation of successful mobile strategies:

    From Online to Mobile Specifics
    The Case for Carrier Billing
    Mobile Monetization Strategies
    New Markets & Niches 

    Engagement / Messaging
    Traffic Sources & Ad Formats
    Deploying the Tech
    Case Studies for Success

    Now the de facto route for mVAS providers to access global markets, how do performance networks fit into the value chain to deliver the best possible results for the end user and what issues need to be addressed to create sustainable and profitable partnerships?

    The Role of Ad Networks
    Affiliate Models / Strategies
    Mobile Advertising / Monitoring
    Managing Traffic
    Implementing The Right Tech
    Optimising Traffic / ARPU
    Traffic Sources
    Content Quality

    Want to be involved?
    CONTACT Jarvis Todd, Conference Producer, on 

    or Paul Skeldon, Editor, on 

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