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    WORLD TELEMEDIA MARBELLA How Should Carriers Respond To Decreasing Margins? Get A Ticket To World Telemedia Marbella Of Course!

    We’re delighted that Eric Pomeroy – Director at 10EX.nethas agreed to be one our hosts at the International Voice Forum to be held in the main sponsors lounge at 18:00 on Tuesday the 18th October – as part of the Hospitality Breakout program during World Telemedia 2016, Marbella.

    Eric has worked in the international wholesale voice industry for over 27 years and also serves on the advisory board of one of the largest industry trade association groups in the world. He has extensive experience of work with US, European, Latin American, African, Middle Eastern and Asian telecommunications companies and has also completed projects in; Pakistan, India, UAE, Hong Kong, France, UK, Netherlands, Norway, Egypt, Germany, Italy, Vietnam, Ghana, Nigeria, Cyprus, Japan, Mexico, Latin America and all throughout the Caribbean.

    When recently asked for his views on the market, he provided this interesting insight: “We continue to see steady growth in our business based on our increasing retail and wholesale customer base. However, in my meetings in various parts of the world, without exception, carriers are lamenting the decrease in revenues and margins in the wholesale voice business. While we continue to pursue our “current” core business we are delving into mobile payments and money transfer, SMS, National Lottery services as well as other more sophisticated services”.

    He went on to say: “But the real question is how is your business doing? What are you doing to protect and increase revenue and margin? Are you diversifying your product offerings or are you doubling down on your “core” business? Are you looking at alternative markets to penetrate…..SMS, mobile money, CBD’s or even more adventurous opportunities?”

    So make a point of meeting up with Eric during this informal session and share your views over a drink at the end of the first day – because:

    World Telemedia is the place to where Value Added Services and Content add value to the network! Visit www.wtevent.co.uk for more details

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