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Evina 110o x 220
    Evina 110o x 220

    WORLD TELEMEDIA MARBELLA What To Do About Consumers! Hospitality Breakout Session Wednesday 19th

    You’ve gone to all the trouble of engaging and converting all those lovely consumers … but this could just be where the trouble starts! So the “Managing Consumers Workshop” is probably the place if you’d like to understand what’s driving consumer change and the implications of considered versus spontaneous purchasing.

    Rory Maguire – MD of UK trade body AIME, will be available to walk you through the following crucial areas:

    • What drives complaints?
    • How consumers transact without knowledge
    • How consumer complaints drive negative change
    • How to provide really good after sales support
    • How post-sales support can fail
    • Different purchase modes for online and app
    • How consumer risk is reduced or increased
    • How payment mechanics can cater for the purchase mode
    • Why regulation needs to adapt to manage consumer risk

    Rory will be joined by Peter Welburn ~ Solicitor & Accredited Mediator, Welburn & Co who’s probably the lawyer with the broadest range of expertise at the show including:

    Telemedia online and in broadcast (Ofcom BCAP)

    IP (trademarks, copyright, registered designs etc.)

    Consumer protection

    Commercial contracts e.g. supplier agreements, joint ventures

    Mediating disputes

    Over the years, it has been my experience that the failure to adopt a “holistic” approach to a business will likely result in costly problems at some point in time. These problems then impact on and may damage the core business”

    Says Peter – who’ll be available to take questions on one to one basis throughout the show. So please don’t overlook the fact that in order for your business to operate efficiently and successfully – you need to look after customers and cover all internal commercial components.

    So make sure you’re a regular at all the Hospitality Breakouts where like-minded delegates are invited to grab a glass, head for the relevant sponsor hospitality area and mingle with some specially selected “hosts” that are ready to discuss some of the key “issues of the day”

    See for full schedule.

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