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    World Telemedia Marbella: Country updates give tour of global telemedia hotspots

    World Telemedia Marbella continues the event’s theme of offering unrivalled insight into international telemedia markets with its Empello-sponsored Country Updates – and this year’s show is no exception.

    Emerging markets are key to development new revenue streams and are very much ready for telemedia services, carrier billing and VAS and, of course, World Telemedia is taking on this international view – having grown by 30% and servicing nearly 500 delegates.

    This year the range of countries covered in the talks – which take place across the event’s three days – has been extended to cover some of the most up-and-coming markets and offers a chance for delegates to get a real inside track on some of tomorrow’s key markets.

    As well as looking at the likes of Germany, Austria, Belgium, Switzerland and Australia – with DIMOCO’s Martin Thor,  this year’s Country Update programme is also looking at the likes of Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Qatar and Egypt. Each of these Middle Eastern markets are full of, well, Eastern Promise – but they are also is strict Muslim countries, so regulation is a whole different ball game. Empello’s experts and Sahar Salama from TPay will be able to guide you through how to tread lightly and exploit these burgeoning new markets.

    Alongside the Middle East, there will also be deep dives into some other newly developing markets in Albania, Bosnia & Herzegovina, Croatia, Kosovo, Montenegro, Romania, Bulgaria, Serbia, Slovenia and, the mother of them all, Russia.

    Again, these central and Eastern European markets – and the mighty Russian market – are all ripe for services, but again doing business in them is not like doing business in the west. Here Empello, alongside Louise Ford from Oxygen8 and Suzana Marcec from NTH Mobile, will be able to help you steer a steady path into these new pastures.

    The format of the Country Updates will follow the tried and tested formula that will take each market and look in detail at Market Overview; Latest News; Top Services; Major Content Providers; Billing & Subscription Options; Carrier & Regulator Rules; Compliance Overview; Marketing & Ad Flow. Each will feature examples and case studies to light the way and, perhaps, most important of all, will rely on questions – and comments and real-life experiences – from you, the audience.

    These sessions proved to be extremely popular at last year’s event [in Marbella], and Empello have promised an even stronger line-up for World Telemedia 2017, so be sure to drop by the Empello Country Update Theatre during your visit to Marbella and meet the team.

    Full schedule of the speakers in the Country Updates can be found here

    The Country Updates sit alongside a series of Spotlight Sessions taking place at the show, which feature a series of 30 minute show-floor sessions, fire-side chat and panel debates covering a host of hot topics.

    Just added to the rosta is Making online payments simple for smaller emerging countries where Matthew Winters, CEO, Veoo will talk you through cracking emerging markets with in app mobile solutions that can provide the key to unlocking huge revenue potential across the globe.

    Nick Lane, chief analyst at MobileSquared will also be there talking through PRS trends and mobile payments.

    These two recent additions sit alongside a wide-ranging set of sessions covering an array of subjects. So what is in store?

    • Virtual Content Provider – next step in evolution? – Here Vladimir Yuzak, Business Development Officer, RGK, and George Ursateanu from CLIQ Digital will take a look at the concept of Virtual Content Providers, the tools you need to make them work, white label models for VCP and all the benefits it will generate. All, of course, demonstrated through case studies.
    • mVAS User Acquisition: How to get high quality users – Affiliate Networks are today an effective marketing channel for mVAS providers worldwide as they represent a low risk ecosystem for them to grow their mobile business aiming at increasing their revenues through a pay-for-performance acquisition. However, there are several market challenges that mVAS Advertisers are facing nowadays. In this session, João Oliveira from MOBIDEA, will take a look at how to find hot markets, how to monitor and control traffic sources; delivering the best service and learn how to have an extra marketing budget by monetising traffic you receive and that you are not able to convert on your products.
    • Affiliates: How to Maximize User Acquisition with Performance Networks – Here Adrian Verge from Kimia will talk us through implement technology to detect traffic sources, establish whitelist/blacklists and improve churn rates and ARPU; how to entrust experienced Media Buyers with vertical expertise and advanced technology to scale rapidly and sustainably; how to ensure your creatives are providing the highest conversions possible; and how to monetize every click worldwide regardless of where your offering is available
    • Carrier billing – Carrier billing provides secure payments with an enhanced user experience, so what trends can be identified to illustrate successful market penetration across the globe? Stefan Kostic from Centilli will be looking at seamless payment flows; secure one click flows enablement; secure In-App payments; and subscription management.
    • The Value Of Monitoring Services– compliance has never been more interesting, nor as important and Declan Pettit from MCP is on hand to talk through all aspects of ad monitoring, mobile compliance, tracking fraud and misleading flows. The company will also be talking in detail about FKAD –  Federated Kids App Database – a database of ‘cleaned’ kids apps – allowing the user to upload and download the latest kids apps to block PRS advertising. Federated, because many users can gain the benefit from each other’s aggregated kids apps; as well as those loaded by MCP. Cleaned means that MCP review each app to ensure it meets the agreed classification criteria for a kids app.
    • Mobile Apps & VAS – opportunities aheadRohin Ravindran – Director, 12 Telecom will be looking at “Understanding OTT communication services” and moving beyond communication services for customer engagement (competing with Whatsapp and Skype). He will help you transform your app into a mobile wallet (open and closed loop), as well as offering an overview of Value added services that maybe offered to end users Earning customer loyalty through analysis.

    Full schedule of the speakers in the Spotlight Sessions can be found here


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