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    WORLD TELEMEDIA MARBELLA Dating, media, games – the new face of telemedia VAS

    The kinds of content that make up the value-added services (VAS) portfolio that sits atop telemedia’s carrier billing services has changed. Where once it was chat, psychic and other niche interests – good as they are – today it is being driven by other services.


    And that is what we heard a lot about at this year’s show.

    Dating VAS

    Dating has always been a telemedia service, but the advent of eHarmony, Match and even Tinder have made it very much a mainstream service. And now even ‘casual dating’ is back on the VAS agenda.

    Hear what Simon Corbett, founder of GlobalDatingInsights has to say in the video below:

    This rise of dating is clearly demonstrated by Andy Wullmer’s iDating site. “We started in Germany as a simple hookup site,” he says. “Now online and mobile dating are so popular that we are number one in Germany.”

    “Mobile has transformed dating,” says Ross Williams from Venntro Media Group, which runs White Label Dating – a VAS add on for businesses that want a slice of the dating pie – “Better apps and better billing and more familiarity with mobile have made it so.”

    The key to driving dating lies in affiliates believes Wullmer. “Affiliates are good – they are loyal and they generate less fraud,” he said at the show. “Performance networks are also good for the same reason.”

    Williams agreed, but also added in that using SMS marketing companies to generate traffic also works really well for his company.

    But things are changing. Facebook is making moves into dating, while new ad formats and 5G are all likely to shake up the dating game all over again. The market is definitely one to watch.

    Media VAS

    Media companies are a natural fit with telemedia – and we have been talking about that for years. However, it has taken until Marbella 2019 for it to start to make sense. Mark Challinor was at the show to talk about couponing and VAS opportunities on mobile, and outlined just how media companies can work with telemedia and DCB providers to create a powerful offering.

    Hear what he has to say in the video below:

    Games services

    Games are perhaps the most interesting of the lot. Gambling has already become one of the key users of DCB – albeit as an on-boarding tool – and games are following suit. The thing about games, as outlined by Vikas Goel from OnMobile, is that everyone plays them and everyone plays them on mobile.

    Here having mobile payments that are quick and simple is going to be key – and DCB fits the bill in many developing regions around the world. It is already widely used by OnMobile and by Google Play.

    Jake Scott from Reality Clash backed this up, outlining how his start-up games company is already looking at where DCB could fit in to generate incremental revenues around its core game in some regions.

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