Sunday, May 19, 2024

    WORLD TELEMEDIA MARBELLA Resellers & Content Providers Expect More from International Premium Rate Providers

    Phonegroup has been a leading IPRS aggregator for over 12 years – continually striving to provide better and more innovative services the Telemedia industry year on year. They believe that by not having their own call centre and by only focussing on providing International Premium Rate solutions – their resellers and content providers can be confident that that customer CLIs remain safe. They also don’t offer factoring; which means that they are never in competition with their clients.

    With a long standing reputation for secure payments and excellent traffic management, Phonegroup now have a range of exclusive interconnects with carriers that don’t generally accept VAS promotions on their network. Phonegroup are the official aggregator for Globalstar Europe and Middle East, Oration, UPT, and many other exclusive ranges for voice and SMS, so make sure you visit Piero Bertini at Mini Lounge 10 and find out about exclusive ranges, new rates and access points.

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