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WORLD TELEMEDIA SHOW PREVIEW What to expect from billing, payments and engagement in the year ahead


With World Telemedia Marbella just two weeks away, we take a look at some of the key themes to look out for. Here, in an interview with Kev Dawson, Group CEO, PM Connect, we explore some of the issues that we shall be looking at in terms of billing and payments

Telemedia News: So how is DCB doing right now – is it growing, is so where (geographically) and what sorts of services are using it?

Kev Dawson: We are seeing strong growth overall and mobile usage for entertainment continues to rise. Markets throughout the ecosystem are changing to the demands of consumers and mobile network (MNO) expectations are evolving.

As a long-term strategic partner, we see the most effective way for us to stay ahead of the pack is through delivering in-demand, marquee content that aligns with the appetite of consumers while resonating with MNOs. These compelling brand propositions add genuine value to an MNO’s network brand and create sustainable business models for success.

Specifically regarding content – PM Connect’s portfolio ranges from world-leading sports and gaming brands, and user growth is materialising across our network of territories.

Telemedia News: What are the challenges it faces and how can they be overcome?

KD: Each territory has different demands and expectations, in terms of content and marketing and regulatory perspectives. The localisation of perceptions cannot be underestimated and misjudging this can be very costly.

Our ever-growing portfolio aligns with every market opportunity – so this quality, branded, long-form (OTT) content is seriously expensive and a ‘high risk’ commitment to license.

You need the content before you can market it, so data-driven analysis and risk profiling are key. The brand focus is therefore accepting a lower margin per transaction, with higher OPEX commitments to minimum guarantee thresholds for every campaign and in every territory. However, having these top-flight brands delivers sustainable and stickier revenue streams to the full value chain, which underpins our strategy.

If executed, that ‘winning formula’ then drives confidence, more mid and long-term certainties, and helps to drive more mainstream adoption of DCB as a credible, secure and trusted payment medium.

Alternative ‘quick win’ strategies can often have the inverse effect and damage the ecosystem, both in terms of consumer and MNO confidence.

Telemedia News: What are do you think delegates should be looking out for at the show around billing and payments, content and engagement?

KD: This event grows year-on-year, there is A LOT of experience and (generally free) advice at the conference. Be curious, get engaged, talk to the attendees. It’s a very social and welcoming environment that I have been a part of for nearly 20 years, and so bring a smile and the ROI of attending this show is easy.  I always find it’s less about what you see and more about what you ask, listen and learn from!

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