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    WORLD TELEMEDIA SHOW PREVIEW What to expect from the SMS Forum

    With World Telemedia Marbella just two weeks away, we take a look at some of the key themes to look out for. Kicking things off, we interview Andreas Constantinides, Head of MoreThan160 – organiser of the World Telemedia SMS Forum to find out what to expect.

    Telemedia News: Why SMS is important?

    Andreas Constantinides: SMS, as a service, is an instant way of communication that happens in a matter of seconds and perceived as the favorite channel of communication of consumers with brands.  In the last years, the SMS Ecosystem is rapidly growing due to its massive demand and enormous volumes that are transmitted globally. The utilisation of SMS in every aspect of instant commercial activities, such as financial alerts, informative, transactional, and promotional messages etc., has expanded the SMS stakeholders with significant usage of Enterprises, Service companies, Banks, etc. on an international scale.

    Telemedia News: What will the SMS Forum at the show set out to achieve?

    AC: The most significant potential achievement of SMS Forum, would be to bring the Telco and the Tech Industry together in one place. Both industries will be able to inform one another accordingly about their own needs, and demands and create new type of connections, customers, suppliers, and overall business relationships. FinTech Companies, Apps, and IT Solutions will have the exclusive opportunity to come closer to the Telco Ecosystem and the Business Messaging Key Players as to expand their business marketing. All the attendees will be updated on the latest business messaging news.

    Telemedia News: Who will be taking part and what sorts of things can we expect to hear about?

    AC: Participants of the SMS-Forum will not only have an exclusive exposure of their company but in addition they will have the chance to spectate numerous of panels discussions taking place within the Event which would be moderated by the industry’s most successful professionals. The topics that would be covered are, among others, the Evolution of the SMS and Business Messaging, significant Facts & Figures, new trends and Services, Platforms and CPaaS tools, OTT Messaging Tools as well as new Business Messaging Tools etc.

    Telemedia News: Who should attend?

    AC: Since it is one of its kind, SMS-Forum will be the ONLY conference connecting the Enterprise, Wholesale and Retail sides of the SMS Industry. It should not be missed by any player of our Ecosystem that wants to be up-to-date and be considered as a member of the Industry’s “top players”, such as:

    • Mobile and Fix Telcos,
    • SMS Providers (MNOs, & Aggregators),
    • CPaaS and Business Messaging Providers,
    • Wholesale Business Messaging Professionals,
    • Enterprise Messaging Providers,
    • IT Houses, and
    • IT & App Solutions providers

    See you all in MARBELLA on the 20th and 21st of October!

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