Monday, May 27, 2024

    WorldSIM introduces virtual phone numbers from Malaysia, Turkey and Colombia

    After the launch of the innovative ‘Virtual Numbers’ service six months ago, WorldSIM has added three new country numbers, bringing the total of virtual numbers on offer to over 45.

    Travellers from Malaysia, Turkey and Columbia can now roam abroad with their existing mobile number, but still enjoy the low rates offered by WorldSIM, by simply forwarding their existing number to their WorldSIM Virtual Number.

    The addition of Virtual Numbers to the WorldSIM service brings lots of benefits. For example, an international traveller can add a local number to their SIM of the country being visited, making it simple and easy to be contacted locally. This is particularly useful for business travellers, and or for people that have friends and family that they are visiting abroad.

    Virtual Numbers are available to rent for one, three, six and twelve months depending upon how long the user might require them. They are more convenient than buying a local SIM, which can only be used in the country being visited and will expire after 3 months of no use. With WorldSIM, the SIM card remains active throughout the year and you can simply add local numbers depending on the country you are vising and the for the period of time you require. You get your number before you travel and can share it with relevant contacts.

    WorldSIM has already launched the service for over 40 other countries including Europe, USA and Australia, they will be announcing more virtual country numbers in the near future.

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