Tuesday, May 21, 2024

    ZephyrTel joins TelecomTV’s OSP Exchange

    Telco software company ZephyrTel, an ESW Capital software company dedicated to serving the global telecommunications industry, has signed up as Associate Partner with TelecomTV’s OSP Exchange Open Service Provider platform, the telecommunications industry’s only multimedia platform for CSP-led debate and insights.

    The OSP is an ongoing initiative to support the evolution of communication service providers (CSPs) to become digital service providers (DSPs). The CSP-led debate aims to support open networking between CSPs and their vendor partners.

    ZephyrTel helps Telcos with their digital transformation and cloud migration programmes, so it was keen to be part of the ongoing discussion, networking and debate being driven and facilitated by TelecomTV OSP Exchange.

    Service Providers are transforming their businesses from providing basic communication services to offering a comprehensive suite of digital services. They need to transform their networks in order to provide rapid, flexible, configurable and scalable services, capitalising on the new opportunities of 5G, cloud and edge technologies as well as entering new digital markets.

    Through OSP Exchange, an online forum for the dissemination of news, analysis and opinion, Service Providers can present their networking requirements, describe their challenges and request information and solution proposals from vendors. This gives ZephyrTel the opportunity to participate in debates, submit suggestions and highlight its technology innovations.

    ZephyrTel shares TelecomTV’s desire to reshape the telecoms business and engage the industry in a meaningful, focused dialogue, led by  Service Providers. To feed this debate, TelecomTV hosts a weekly TV discussion show involving CSP and vendor executives from around the globe. There is also a wealth of rich content and insight on the TelecomTV site and vendors can respond directly to the issues raised by their CSP customers and partners.

    As part of its membership, ZephyrTel will attend the DSP Leaders Forum in May and the Great Telco Debate in December in London.

    ZephyrTel acquires and develops solutions that bring efficiencies and productivity gains to its Telco customers – the latest acquisition being ResponseTek.  ZephyrTel recently announced that it has signed a telecom-focused Strategic Collaboration Agreement with Amazon Web Services (AWS). These initiatives are part of ZephyrTel’s plan to deliver value to telecom businesses worldwide.

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