Sunday, April 14, 2024

    Zoom and Deutsche Telekom expand partnership to meet evolving customer needs

    Deutsche Telekom and Zoom have expanded their partnership in Germany to create a range of new products and services for the burgeoning interaction market.

    Back in October 2020, Deutsche Telekom (DT) became an official Zoom partner. Known for its trusted reputation and unmatched customer service throughout the European Union (EU), DT began reselling a select portfolio of Zoom solutions and helped streamline the experience for DT customers looking for a video communications provider.

    Now, the Zoom and Deutsche Telekom partnership has evolved. The two companies have committed to developing a joint solution specifically for the German market called Zoom X Powered by Telekom, which combines the experience customers love from Zoom with the trusted network and service delivered by Deutsche Telekom.

    The new  Zoom X Powered by Telekom is exclusively for the German market. It’s a version of the Zoom platform that will run within the network of Deutsche Telekom. Meeting participants using Zoom X Powered by Telekom will have their data stored on servers located in Germany.

    Deutsche Telekom will provide the dial-in phone numbers for Germany and 50 other international countries to join meetings via phone only. Contracting, order processing, nationwide first-level support, and billing services will be provided by Deutsche Telekom.

    The solution will be available exclusively from Deutsche Telekom later this year.

    “As today’s organisations strive to achieve frictionless collaboration, and manage and safeguard user data, we at Zoom want to provide the tools that set them up for success. This joint offering is an important step in supporting the needs of our global customers — offering them the local data protection capabilities they require without compromising flexibility. Zoom X Powered by Telekom helps both providers meet a unique market demand, all the while facilitating new ways of working,” says Zoom in a statement.

    In continues: “We know we’re better when we work together. We’re thrilled to expand our partnership with DT and collaborate on addressing the modern needs of our global users through tailored innovation. This partnership will be fundamental in supporting today’s distributed and hybrid workforce, enabling seamless and secure collaboration optimised for an ever-evolving digital landscape.”

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